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=9/11 CORPORATE NEWS=============================

Many news sites jumping on the phrase, "Israel's 9/11"

October 3 2023 — Robert F. Kennedy Jr. expresses doubts about the official 9/11 version
[German news site mentions 9/11 positively.]

October 4 2023 — How Vivek Ramaswamy turned his elite education into a degree in devil's advocacy
["9/11 conspiracy theories" cheap shot by:
Alex Seitz-Wald https://twitter.com/aseitzwald Alexander.Seitz-Wald@nbcuni.com,
Allan Smith https://twitter.com/akarl_smith Allan.Smith@nbcuni.com and
Henry J. Gomez https://twitter.com/HenryJGomez henry.gomez@nbcuni.com]

October 6 2023 — Vivek Ramaswamy Says Pro-Ukraine Protesters Rammed His Car. Police Say No.
["9/11 conspiracy theories" cheap shot by Karl Salzmann salzmann@freebeacon.com]

October 1 2023 — The great secret of 9/11 comes to light: there was another building demolished and very few people knew it
[Spanish news site mentions WTC7 positively.]

October 1 2023 — Escape from the rabbit hole: the conspiracy theorist who abandoned his dangerous beliefs
["9/11 conspiracy theories" cheap shot by Amelia Gentleman https://www.twitter.com/ameliagentleman amelia.gentleman@theguardian.com

Do you have an opinion on the issues raised in this article? If you would like to submit a letter of up to 300 words to be considered for publication, email it to us at guardian.letters@theguardian.com]

Brent Lee can be DM'd at https://twitter.com/BrentLeeSDCIC]

October 6 2023 — The Mystery of What Happened to a 9/11 Suspect’s Sons
A psychologist working for the C.I.A. had threatened while interrogating Khalid Shaikh Mohammed to kill one of his preteen sons. But they were never in U.S. custody.

October 5 2023 — The Best ‘The Last of Us’ quotes
Frank – “You live in a psycho bunker where 9/11 was an inside job and, and the government are all Nazis.”
Bill – “The government ARE all Nazis!”
Frank – “Well, yeah, now… but not then!”

October 7 2023 — 'SpongeBob Did 9/11,' Elmo With a Knife: Shocking AI Art Goes Viral
Generative AI is booming, but risqué stickers and violent images are taking over social media—to the dismay of corporate giants.

=9/11 ALTERNATIVE NEWS========================

October 4 2023 — "This could change EVERYTHING we know about the 9/11 attacks" | Redacted with Clayton Morris
A major breakthrough in one family's mission to finally get answers around the 9/11 attacks... how did their son, Geoff Campbell die that day? Ted Walter from the International Center for 9/11 Studies discusses the new breakthrough.

=9/11 TRUTH MOVEMENT NEWS==========================

RG911 Winds Up 10-City RV Speaking Tour with WTC Evidence in Seattle

=ACTION ITEMS======================================

This is where Advocates & Activists in the 9/11 Truth Movement can find others and also be found. Here, you can connect with like-minded individuals and be discovered by others who share your passion. The 9/11 Community Hub serves as a voluntary public directory, dedicated to all those who seek transparency, truth, accountability, and justice for the crimes committed on 9/11.

Whether you prefer to reveal little or share more, you have the freedom to register and disclose as much information as you feel comfortable with. The only mandatory fields are your name, a private email address (which will not be publicly displayed), and your city, state/province and country. The directory is fully searchable and offers convenient filtering and sorting options. Let us unite and foster connections within our community!

=9/11 FINANCIAL NEEDS======================================

Cayle Littlechief (9/11 Truth Hawaii) is asking for donations. Please do not donate to the corporate fundraisers.

Truth Action Project

Lawyers' Committee for 9/11 Inquiry: Crimescene To Courtroom documentary

=CHAT LOG=========================

17:46:49 From Lawrence’s iPhone (2) To Everyone:
Any one interested in doing a zoom to learn more about 9/11 Synthesis independent investigation and analysis? lorenzonine@gmail.com https://lorenzonine.wixsite.com/nineelevensynthesis
18:10:03 From Gene Laratonda To Everyone:
9/11 Dominoes tower comparison https://www.facebook.com/genelaratonda/posts/pfbid035kDt67cRaw19XGM7KUKB8WMfqccwXaB3Q5Huzs68GhxS83rWm4esNbbh24fEiM1pl?__cft__[0]=AZXkXbiKgfeMDWmmZ3UEH6hv3ZRVobTCOl31iEok_RVGYfRK9yHYKkLX4FIEYfFtfg06rJpRoIM4bcHMwPhDbpbcFZY5MeXCJM_6nKFiW0WwfHJsWeZ2M-FNU96mnnifQgeuZXgSCyf5IIX9LcFWPGaIoAOZZ3bIx0gQp9gd1by-Ug&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R
19:46:49 From Ross Migrating Bird To Everyone:
my telegram is 9173616780

=WHO WE ARE======================================

The 9/11 WarRoom (911warroom.com) is a weekly roundtable discussion hosted by Gene & Sandra focusing on 9/11 news, strategy and activism. Everyone is welcome to participate in the conversation or just listen in.

Topic: The 9/11 WarRoom
Time: Every given Sunday at 5PM ET

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