Kittens Like To Snuggle On Top Of Patient Calf

JenniferPratzerPublished: September 15, 2017Updated: September 18, 201728,593 plays$42.97 earned
Published: September 15, 2017Updated: September 18, 2017

Check out this adorable friendship in the making! A litter of practically newborn kittens have found a new best friend in this adorable calf.

Dubbed ‘best barn buddies’, the group can be seen on the floor of the barn, cuddling up to the calf, or should we say on top of it. Another one is close by, but the kitties don’t care much about it. Two of them have snuggled up on the patient calf’s back, while the third one is more intent on getting closer to the calf’s warm breath.

It sounds like it is rather chilly outside, the wind is blowing and it surely isn’t pleasant to stay out, so we understand the need to keep warm. Knowing cats and how disrespectful they can be with others’ personal space, a tiny voice in the back of our heads keeps telling us that the kittens just wanna soak up some warmth.

But come on! Look how adorable they are together! A heartwarming friendship in the making is right there before our very eyes! This only proves further that when we are young, we are unfamiliar with the concept of prejudice. Everyone is the same to us and we are capable of loving them all!

Have you ever seen anything so precious?! Best friends forever!

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