WDShow 9-14 Where Do You Stand On Possible DACA Deal

Published September 15, 2017 2,199 Plays $14.47 earned

Rumble TOPICS: There is no DACA deal in place. After Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer released a statement Wednesday night that said a deal had been struck with the president regarding Dreamers, the president on Thursday pushed back — but indicated that he was open to a deal.


  • RebelStudio, 19 weeks ago

    The USA is the United States gov. that is of America. That is what the USA stands for. America is not the USA our gov. is. When you chant USA you are chanting for king gov.. Gov. is in the center of all the chaos we n America and around the world. Plus with other Kings and Queens. If there were no leaders and gov. there would be no mass chaos. We do know how to be respectful and civilized without gov.. We are the tug of war rope with the politicians of the gov. They pull us one way then the other. It all ends when we end gov. It is all a circus. A show. All we are watching is an action dramma show in live time. It is a giant soap opera ring.

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