Here's How To Spot Fake Sellers On Amazon And Never Be Scammed Again

KNXVPublished: September 15, 2017
Published: September 15, 2017

As the holidays are creeping up on us, a lot of us will turn to Amazon to get those hard-to-find gifts that our loved ones would love to have, without bothering to look through countless shelves and wait in endless lines at the register. Isn’t that the priceless beauty of online shopping?

But before you click on that “Order” button, look closely at what you are buying and from whom, because you can easily fall victim to a scam.

The most important piece of advice that you can get is ALWAYS read customer reviews, before settling on a seller. Look for those from near you, so that you can be certain that the seller delivers to your location.

Then, absolutely do not take the bargain. If the price for the item from its original sellers differs extremely from the one you are looking for, chances are high it is a fake seller.

This is not a sporadic occurrence; this happens all day, every day. Up to 57 fake sellers are being reported every day on Amazon, while the firm has found over 21.000 of these scammers.

The most fool-proof method is to limit your product search to products sold by Also, check the product description, if it says “sold and fulfilled by Amazon”, that it most definitely is a legitimate product and not a scam.

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