Soldier Surprises Wife And Daughter With Return From Deployment

This soldier decided to come home for Thanksgiving and surprise his wife and daughter, who had no idea what he was planning. This brave soldier arranged with his family and friends to set a scene and help him surprise his loving wife.

Cameras are rolling, phones are recording and "Thinking Out Loud" from Ed Sheeran is playing in the back, so grab those tissues this is a tear-jerker! As romantic as it can be, the wife is caught off guard. She didn't expect her husband to be home for this holiday, so she drops on her knees and he drops on his knees, they start hugging and kissing for a while. The wife starts crying.

In fact everyone in the room has teary eyes following this romantic gesture. He didn't forget to bring her red roses and keep his uniform to make the moment even more endearing. Everyone will remember this Thanksgiving as it should be celebrated, with all family members present and finally reunited.

The husband takes his daughter and showers both his ladies with affection. They will all cherish this moment and remember it for a long time, and the little daughter will have a great story to grow up with.

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