You Have To See This Kid's Hilarious Reaction To His First Roller Coaster Ride

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Published: September 14, 2017

This clip is a real roller coaster; an emotional roller coaster. Every one of us that has ever taken a roller coaster ride know how exhilarating it can be; adrenaline pumps all over, making you feel nauseous and excited at the same time. It is a volatile combination of feelings, especially if you went up the ride all confident, then came down frightened like a lamb.

This toddler sat next to his dad on his roller coaster and, seeing him super excited to be sharing his son’s first ever coaster ride, the boy starts calming his dad down. “We’ll be okay, dad.”

“You think so?” asks the dad, receiving an affirmative answer from his brave tot. “Don’t worry, we’re fine” says the boy, sticking his tongue for the camera as the wagon starts descending down the hill. This is where things get super interesting.

The steepness and speed of the ride catch the brave boy by surprise, smile turns to frown and he starts screaming from the top of his lungs! Oh, boy. “I’m really scared, dad!” he says, right before the trains stops.

“Dad, not funny” says the son, catching his breath from all that screaming, while dad rolls over laughing. But the ride isn’t over yet...

When this little girls went on her first roller coaster ride, her reaction was exactly the opposite! Who’s brave now?

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