Excited Boxer Puppy Can't Stop Kissing Sheep

Published September 14, 2017 55,234 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsLove takes on all kinds of forms. It grips your heart and doesn’t question color or form. It may be the love for your parents, the love for a friend, the love for your special someone or even the love for your child. You can’t quite explain it, but when you feel it, you will know.

There has been debate on whether other animals can feel love. We are still undecided if the other species feel this sublime emotion, or they just follow a series of routines and rely on what their instinct tells them to do, but one thing is for sure: this doggy sure loves this sheep.

Gaby is a only five months old, but it’s her first time encountering a sheep. She’s never seen one before even on a picture. The amount of affection this Boxer displays is tremendous! She gets too close and personal, but she’s too happy to care. She peppers tons of doggy kisses on the sheep’s face and has no intention on stopping. She’s found a new friend and she’s not too keen on letting go.

We don’t know about science, but if this video doesn’t prove that all animals are capable of loving other animals, no matter the species, we don’t know what will.