One Year On Our Homestead and Snake Encounters

9 months ago

In this episode we are going to talk about one year on our homestead and snake encounters!

Hi - We are Douglas and Keri! In May of 2022 we quit our jobs and sold our home in Denver, Colorado to move to our 36 acre off grid homestead property in Cochise County, Arizona. Follow along with us as we build our homestead from scratch!

First of all, we are so sorry for those of you who were worried about us! We both just went back to work full-time and meshing our schedules has been a challenge, especially after not working for a full year! We hope to starting getting videos out to you all weekly :)

This video is going to be focused on a lot of masonry work and we are going to be talking about our first year on our off grid homestead. We have to give a huge shout out to Richard from @TerraformTogether We had a chance to tour his beautiful homestead property and also were very inspired by what he's doing! Make sure to check out his channel and give him a subscribe! He gave us the idea to slake the lime which basically is a process of soaking it in water before using it. Here is some more info on that:

We had a VERY long, exceptionally hot, and super dry summer. It seemed like it hovered at 100-105' and we hardly got any monsoon rain. What we discovered is that we could tolerate it and we survived it! We are now moving into our favorite time of year here where the temps are in the 80s during the day and 60s at night. Perfect for working around our homestead :)

We had a total of 3 Mojave rattlesnakes come into our "patio" living area in 24 hours that we had dispatch. We had to make a decision to dispatch or relocate and after a lot of research decided dispatching them was the most humane. The HUGE blessing was that our amazing Great Pyrenees Livestock Guard Dogs Ursa and Luna alerted on these snakes BIG TIME! These are dogs are absolutely amazing and so smart. We have absolutely loved having these dogs be part of our homestead and would highly recommend Pardes Family Homestead for pups if you are wanting this breed. Here is their FB site:

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Here is a link to the fly bait spray that we've started using...this stuff works GREAT!

Check out our Cochise County Resources list!

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DISCLAIMER: Douglas and Keri are not contractors and the information contained in this video is for entertainment purposes. Please make sure to do your own research!

Once again, thanks for following along with us and we hope to inspire you to live your best life, whatever that might mean for you!


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