Standing Up For Truth Can Cost You The Ones You Love with John Kirwin

1 month ago

John Kirwin has served in full and part-time ministry as a worship leader and pastor for over 30 years. He is the founder of Wakeuporelse PMA, a 508 (c) (1) online Christian fellowship for the Truther community. With close to 5,000 subscribers and over 100,000 hours of views, Wakeuporelse PMA has been providing insight into the Truther's journey since 2017

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Book reviews:
4 Jacks
"Been disrespected by friends & family over the Truth? This is the book for you. Once I picked this book up I had to push aside everything else I was reading & it's so easy & enjoyable & flows wonderfully. 'Normies' are 99%+ of the people I meet in my daily life (friends, family, strangers) & this is the ultimate guide book on how to maturely deal with their disrespect towards us & potentially communicate with them. I've all but given up on them at this point but John has given me a new set of tools. Bravo my friend, it's an incredible book. Infinite blessings."

I Couldn't Put it Down!
"I've got to say - you nailed it! Being a "conspiracy theorist" myself, the book was thoroughly engaging, truly philosophical with poignant insights and metaphors. It made me feel equipped to continue my journey with confidence and be able to understand why others buy into the "conspiracy theory" name-calling trap. I've enjoyed reading it for 3 straight nights and can honestly say that there is nothing to add. A book beautifully written for the mental health of the "truther" falsely accused of being a nutjob!"

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