Check Out These 10 Horrifying Tales From Inside North Korea

alltime10sPublished: September 13, 2017132 views
Published: September 13, 2017

It may not be a top tourist destination - heck, you would have to be a true extreme treader to wish to visit the place. But what is it like to live in North Korea? We bring you 10 horrifying tales from defectors about their time in the Hermit Kingdom.

The North Korean law has a “three generations of punishment” rule, where if a person in found guilty of a crime, he and his family will be sent to a prison camp, along with two subsequent generations, for life. Most of the times, the families have no idea why are they in prison in the first place.

The conditions in these prison camps, as described by these people, have been compared to the conditions in the concentration camps during the Nazis. Gas chambers, torture, famine and a vast array of diseases are plaguing the inmates who live there. These accounts speak of instances of infanticide, complete brainwashing and punishment like you have never heard of before, all of them happening under the supervision of prison guards.

Thankfully, these witnesses have managed to escape and receive asylum from South Korea and China and now they can tell their side of the horrors that innocent people have to endure under the rule of Kim Il-sung and his son, Kim Jong-il.

In an attempt by the North Korean government to present the country as “open and welcoming”, one Singaporean photographer has been allowed to take photos and videos of its colorful cities. They sure built it to be beautiful, but something is missing in the picture. Check that video out to see for yourself.

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