This Cat Loves Showering Her Canine Friend With Affection

Published September 13, 2017 259,185 Views

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsHere we have the beautiful outside wilderness and two very unlikely animals that have managed to become bearable one to another. There are two cats in this video, one that is constantly by the dog's side and one that happens to drop by at the end of the video. Either way both of these kitties seem lovely and obviously have drawn an affection towards this lovely puppy.

As you can tell by the video all these animals feel a high level of comfort when around each other. One of the cats has even reached a level of affection and possible love toward this doggy, hence why she might be petting and rubbing herself against the puppy.

Now can't we all just get along? This video is the perfect example of how we should treat each other nonetheless that we are different. No matter the obvious difference between these two animals, they put in work and effort to become friends and good mates. Once the third cat comes in for a second the atmosphere changes but in just couple of seconds later we realize that she has come in peace.

Truly inspirational!

This cat just can't get enough affection from this very tolerant and patient Bernese Mountain Dog. What an epic friendship!

When brought up together, even cats and dogs can get along swell. Despite what we have been taught since the beginning of time, when a cat and a dog are shown that they belong to the same family and grow up together as littermates, they can show the world just how deep and loving their relationship can be. Sure, we know that dogs hate cats and cats can’t stand to be around canines. But with some perseverance and a lot of determination, even felines and canines can be best buds.

Not only can they become friends, but there have been instances where a random dog can help a wounded cat on the street. Even when they have not been brought up together, some seemingly unfriendly species can show compassion for another and it has been caught on camera. One dog found a cat that had been left injured on the streets and did the unthinkable. It actually stayed behind, barking for humans to come and check out this poor animal.

Still, sometimes even animals can not be interested in love and affection. Like when this old dog was completely unimpressed with his feline sibling. The cat tried all her best to shower the dog with her love, but all the pooch wanted was to lay there and do absolutely zilch! The kitty is purring with all her might, obviously in need of some tender love of her own, but the dog does not move a whisker.

Then, there is the other way around, something we have witnessed more times than we know to count. A fluffy little poodle was very much in the mood of some platime, but the kitty it chose as a playmate had other plans. No matter how hard the dog tried to coerce some playfulness out of the kitty, it, too, would not move a whisker. Poor pup.