Sweet Tot Puts On Hulk Mask In Store And Goes On A Rampage

AFVPublished: September 13, 2017184 views
Published: September 13, 2017

Hulk Smash! Hulk SMASH!! HULK SMASH!!! Beware of the green monster in Aisle 2! It’s going for the video games! Do. Not. Anger him! Use caution when opening fire! Oh, wait…It’s just a cute tot with a Hulk mask, at ease.

That would surely be a blockbuster - Hulk calms down to reveal that it is actually a 3-year-old girl with blond curls, giggling and saying “gotcha”! This one clearly had a hulk of fun with her mom and dad at their local Target store. They just found out that Target has released the Halloween items on the shelves and the little girl really liked the green mask, so they let her put it on.

But a tot doesn’t sit still whenever they get something new; they just really wanna see how it behaves on the road. So her parents let the tot loose between the aisles and she turns into the Hulk, running around in a wild rampage among the toys. But when the dad calls his little girl to turn around, she stops to take the mask off and reveal the most adorable little face on the planet.

Even Thunderbolt Ross will melt down into a puddle when he sees that face!

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