Groom Surprises Bride With Epic Groomsmen Dance

Published September 13, 2017 8,632,083 Views

Weddings are all about traditions, we’re sure you will all agree. Everything has its own symbolic, the dress, the suits, the cake, the vows, the dances.... These little gestures symbolize a good beginning for the couple future life together and is putting an ease to the minds of their elders.

But every once in awhile, newlyweds get out of the binds of tradition and throw a little surprise for their guests, making them jump out of their seats, laugh and applaud with excitement. Usually, it is the bride and her dad that throw a dance routine so elaborate, people faint with how good they are.

Only daughter Mikayla and her dad Nathan decided to defy wedding tradition by switching from “Butterfly Kisses” to “Can't Touch This”, “Party Rock” and “Bye Bye Bye”. Their duet made people scream in the venue, because they are, in fact, that good.

In this instance, we have a Lord Of The Dance groom and his groomsmen perform a wicked display of manliness, awkward dance moves and nostalgia for the days when Britney and Justin’s relationship was the most important thing in our lives. The moves they pull off….ugh, come back, 2001! And when “I Want It That Way” starts playing, we remember how worn out our Backstreet Boys posters were from where we rubbed Nick’s abs...

Those dudes will surely make this a new tradition and we hope that we get to see a lot of these videos in the (near) future. Better start training, fellas!

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