Loving Dog Hilariously Won't Leave Owner's Side

Tank24Published: September 13, 2017104,517 views
Published: September 13, 2017

We can all agree that pets are the best companions out there. If you are feeling lonely, sad, or even have no one to hang out with, that's a clear indicator that you must get your self a pet. Whether it's a dog, a cat or possibly any animal that will provide you with as much attention and love as the dog on this video does towards his owner.

This guy will never feel alone due to the endless love and attention of his dog pet. This video just goes to prove how much our pets rely on us and that there is no limit to their love. This big pup does not have the strength to pull away for a bit as he follows his owner literally everywhere.

As this guy is sitting on the chair he is shortly after accompanied by his loving dog. He gets up and switches over to sit in a different spot on the sofa. Guess what, his dog is right there behind him following him to his new sitting location.

It all ends in the cutest way possible as the owner tells his pup that he loves him very much as he is being showered by hugs. This is just too cute!

Check out how this pit bull reacts every time his owner moves to a different part of the room. He just can't be apart!

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      BroncoBob ยท 47 weeks ago

      No denyin', that's yer' dog bud. lol. I think him looove you. lol.