One Eyed Bearded Dragon Dino!

Published September 13, 2017 36 Plays $0.09 earned

Rumble This is my one eyed Bearded Dragon Dino, we called him Dino as his head looks like the shape of a dinosaur! We hatched him ourselves but had to break open his egg as nothing was happening after all the other lizards had hatched! once his egg was cut into he remanded lifeless for days & it was obvious that he was different to the others. We almost gave up on him when suddenly he became active, we were over the moon! Its a miracle he is alive, but he would have had no chance of surviving in the wild as when he was young it took So much time & effort to get him to eat anything but he is So worth every minute. We Love him SO Much & he is getting stronger everyday. If you would like to keep updated on Little Dino Subscribe to my Rumble or YouTube Channel CassieStudios.