Incredible moment bikers find man missing in the desert for TWO days in viral video

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Published: September 12, 2017

When these dirt bikers arrived in Logandale in Nevada, USA, they weren’t expecting to be part of a search-and-rescue party and the clock had been ticking for 12 hours already! A man set off into the desert on a quad bike the previous night, but has not been seen since. His camp mates believed that he may have crashed the quad or got lost

One of the SAR bikers said: “Well after a short 45-minute ride through the dunes, we came across a stumbling man waving us down. Sure enough, it was the missing man. He had crashed his quad the night before and slid down the mountain side badly cutting his hands and resulting in several black bruises and scrapes.

“He was confused and off balance, due to extreme dehydration. I got him his first drink of water in over 12 hours of being in the extreme heat and scorching sun. The area was unfortunately short of any tall vegetation he could have used for shade.

“We flagged down some other riders and they got their side by side and drove him back to camp. One of the young men from that party was actually a football player that the missing man coached, so that was an odd coincidence to top everything off. Luckily the man was found and surely safe and hydrated again. Hopefully, they found their missing quad as well."

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      Paul2901 · 51 weeks ago

      He is a very lucky man. Heading off alone into the desert with no water is just suicidal.

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      VES · 50 weeks ago

      click bait garbage