INN News #79 | It Wasn’t “UNPROVOKED”, Clinton Gone MAD! Possibility To LIVE, REPLICATOR Initiative

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Tonight Collin and Reef are joined by Craig “Pasta” Jardula (@yopasta) as we report on our top stories this week:

Why Israel’s Continued Brutal Occupation Of Palestine Is Not A Provocation
Has Hillary Clinton Gone Mad?
Palestinians Are Not Celebrating Death
How Can the US Produce A “Techno-War” Against China?


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Craig “Pasta” Jardula
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Common Dreams: “Horrific. Unjustified. Morally Wrong. But ‘Unprovoked?’” Written by the Common Dreams Staff.

Racket News: “Have They Gone Mad?” Written by Matt Taibbi.

Catilin Johnstone: “Queen Warmonger Hillary Clinton Complains About Men ‘Starting Wars.’” Written by Caitlin Johnstone.

Substack: “Despite What You Think, Palestinians Are Not Celebrating Death.” Written by Hebh Jamal.

Consortium News: “Pentagon Techno-Fantasies.” Written by William D. Hartung.

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