Two Women Attack Person on Beijing Subway

ViralHogPublished: September 11, 201713 views
Published: September 11, 2017

Occurred on September 9, 2017 / Beijing, Beijing, China

Info from Licensor: "I told two old ladies off for pushing in the line in the Beijing Subway. They proceeded to tell me they know way more about courtesy, as they've lived overseas since 1983.After finding out I was born overseas, they proceed to start telling everyone I am abusing my 'foreign privilege'. I merely wanted to help an old man get on the subway and have a seat. They kept yelling, pulling on my shirt, hitting and harassing me all over the train, saying I hated China and stuff so people on the subway would join their side. One rather large guy came over to shove me and try to break my phone even. Even the tussling broke my headphones. Which is why I tried to walk away. She kept following me, I could not get away. She followed me everywhere, no matter where I went on the train. Eventually, I just stood there and she berated me about my poor manners and how I shouldn't trample on Chinese people. The police then came and took us away. The police said that they wanted someone to admit they were wrong so we could go on our ways. I decided to step up and admit my wrong. She refuses and says I hurt her finger and I need to pay 1000 RMB compensation. I refused, so the police officer says we can stay at the station until it's resolved. She says that is fine because, and that she can stay for 24 hours and 24 days. As I actually have a life, I just opted to the pay 1000 so I can leave. After I paid, she attacked me with another wave of insults and told me to get out of her country."

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