His Neighbors Were Puzzled By The Massive Hole He Dug In His Backyard

6 years ago

Let’s just say that this is one positively genius plan.

A man baffled his neighbors when he dug an enormous hole in his backyard. The hole was more than ten feet deep and it took a large chunk out of the ground. But it all changed when they saw him install an old shipping container in the middle of it. He leveled it and built stairs that go the the ground on one side.

Things got more interesting when he actually opened vent shafts on the top and covered the whole thing with earth again, leaving only the stairs uncovered. When they finally realized what he was up to, they were amazed at the ingenuity of his plan.

Wayne Martin had bought an old shipping container with the thought of converting it into a wine cellar. It is not the first time these containers have been reused since they are still durable even after many years of use. The main component that makes them this strong are the steel beams that create the box frame. They are created to endure enormous weights because they are meant to stay stacked one on top of the other on ships. The container might never see the light of day again, but the insides would be graced with a wide range of wines that would be kept under the best conditions. Good thinking, man! Cheers!

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