Surprised Girl Burst Into Tears Of Joy For New Kitten

Published September 11, 2017 16,226 Views $26.15 earned

Rumble / Priceless MomentsDo you remember the day you got your first pet? Did you adopt him/her, or buy, or were they a gift? Was it a surprise? Do you remember how you felt and reacted? Of course, some people are more reserved, keeping their feelings close to home, but not this girl!

When her parents told her that she is going to get her a kitten she started crying tears of joy and the moment was so heartwarming! This 5-year-old girl is so surprised when she's told they're going to pick up her new kitten that she can't help but cry her heart out. Grab your tissues!

“I’m so excited”- She says with tears in her eyes! She also made her dad cry too! You can really see how excited she is about this kitty! She will love it so much and she will take care of the kitty we know for sure! Now this is what we call a emotional reaction! What do you think of this surprise?

If you're a parent, the idea of adding the care and feeding of an animal to your responsibilities might feel like too much work. But having a cat as a part of the family benefits kids in real ways. If you have a cat, you will notice the number of funny scenarios that they will get themselves in. Your home will be filled with laughter and fun anecdotes, and that is also a well-known source of health benefits!