Culture War | Disrupted a Multi-Trillion Dollar Plan to Destroy People’s Health Globally | Guest: Attorney Tom Renz | “We are Fighting Evil” | Lawfare | Educate the Public

1 month ago

Attorney Tom Renz joins the Moms a Mission Podcast to discuss why he has taken a stand for freedom and has worked tirelessly to protect Americans. He explains that he is a “nobody” from a town of just 12,000 people and was a patriot and conservative before covid. . He said he was pro-vax and didn’t have any idea about any of the things happening right now. Tom explains that he and his team helped create the whole covid health and freedom movement because he started fighting on day one. He shares how they filed the first lawsuit and all of the big lawsuits with the latest one being the “EcoHealth Case” showing that covid was created in a lab. He tells us that to this day he has never read one of the hit pieces written about him because he doesn’t care since there is nothing that will make him waiver from this fight. He explains that he fought the biggest and the baddest of the bad and he did it with the truth and tenacity. Tom continues to talk about how parents can fight back with sexualizing books in the libraries with lawfare that he defines as, “legal, political PR”. He suggests reading the books at board meetings but then suggests asking what they are going to do about it to get it on record. He continues to say that we have to understand the tactics that the other side is using. Tom concludes by sharing different ways we can contribute to him and his team to support their fight for freedom.

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