Parakeet agrees that his wife is crazy during interview

Published September 10, 2017 4,596 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThis woman likes to have fun with her Mustache Parakeet Picasso by asking him questions about his life and day. Picasso is in love with Jersey the Umbrella Cockatoo. He follows her everywhere and will not leave her alone. He is basically her sidekick.

Picasso is very protective over Jersey but he also understands what it is like to deal with her moods all day. They share so much but you know how it is, sometimes Jersey lets Picasso know that she is not in the mood for his attention. Picasso does not take no for an answer.

After playing with the same toy for a little bit, Jersey went so crazy on her toy that Picasso just had to give up, so she interviews him. This is what he had to say.....