Brave Dog Will Not Allow This Lame Black Bear To Get Near His Owner

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Published: September 9, 2017

Cat persons might try and disagree, but we all know this to be the ultimate truth: dogs are man’s best friend and that is final! They are the most loving creature there ever was, their love knows no boundaries and they can be loyal to death. Most of the times, dog owners have witnesses this quality in their canine pet and can vouch for its strength

Curry the dog got captured on video demonstrating just how brave and protective of his owner he really is. While taking a stroll with his owner on a trail around New Jersey, they came across a slow-moving black bear, minding its own business in the woods. They could have just passed the creature and moved along, but Curry was not having it!

The doig can be seen darting towards the bear, barking with all its might and barely listening to his owner’s commands. Chasing after an animal far larger than you seems pretty terrifying, but hey ... anything for family. We see the bear sizing up Curry for a few seconds before eventually scurrying away.

Curry’s owner says: "We have kids and he has stopped a lot of bears, bears with cubs and coyotes from coming too close when the kids are out. He is always the first to see them, he has even tried a bobcat that got too close. This dog has saved my kids and a few others many times by being on guard."

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