Bulldog Watches News, Gets Worried About Hurricane Irma

Published September 9, 2017 6,577 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesFor the last 3 weeks there has been major storms and hurricanes around the US that have slowly started to simmer down. This Bulldog is as it seems the most happy about the good since he has been stuck inside for quite the while. Now that the storm has passed he will change his mood and return to his old jolly self.

He has also tried to find comfort onto his owners bed but even then, no luck as his owner gentle denies him the possibility. His face cant get cutter nor more sad as he stares down his owner in the politest of ways. He has also tried to pull the oldest trick in the book when he puts on the most "puppy" eyes ever.

Even though his owner does't give in he is persistent to the point where his attention is stolen due to some crackling of the window. Its at that point he's worries return and he has the biggest stare down with the front door. Its almost as if he is expecting the storm to come into he's house and steal it.

Titon is very concerned about Hurricane Irma after listening to the news, so he uses the opportunity to try and jump up on the bed (when he knows he's not allowed). What a clever pup!