Mrs.Jessie Roestenberger And Sons 1954 "UFO" Encounter, Staffordshire, U.K.- October 21, 1954

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Published: September 9, 2017Updated: September 11, 2017

On October 21, 1954 Mrs, Jessie Roestenberger And Her Two Sons Were On Their Farm, When They Heard A Loud Sound Like Water Being Poured Over A Large Fire But 1000 Times Louder, Upon Thinking About Her Boys Outside She Went Outside And Saw A Large "UFO" Over The House. The Silvery-Metallic Craft Had Two "Nordic" Looking Occupants That Just Stared At Her. Mrs. Roestenberger Was "Paralyzed" With Fear. The "UFO" Then Shot Straight Up And Circled The Farm Three Times And Then Went Out Of Sight.

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