This Hedgehog Eating Watermelon Is Too Cute To Handle

ValerieKimPublished: September 8, 2017Updated: September 11, 20175,819 views
Published: September 8, 2017Updated: September 11, 2017

There is something about wild animals that are made domestic that is just too adorable. They still posses their will instincts and their outer appearance is simply raw to withstand all that nature has to through at them.
This is the perfect case in which we get to experience in first hand how a will animals such as the one in the video, would feed if so happens to run upon a watermelon.

This little hedgehog has been lucky enough to be removed from all natures hazards and be taken into the loving hands of this human. Some might think that wild animals are better off in the wild, but for some, such as this person, she thinks differently, and our bets are on her side when it comes down to were this lovely little cutie stands.

It seems that its feeding time and this hedgehogs owner has prepared a treat for him. Watermelon seems like a delicious healthy little treat to keep this guy on his jolly feet and feeling joyful. And then we come down to the eating part. My god, just how cute his little face gets while seeing what he is getting for lunch. As the piece of watermelon gets close to his face he cant wait to start nibbling down on that delicius fruit.

Take a look to the way this cutie eats, it is sure to put a smile on your face!
Check out this pet hedgehog munching away at a piece of watermelon.

Definitely a cuteness overload!

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