These Are The 10 Most Haunted Places On Earth - Part 2

MatthewSantoroPublished: September 8, 2017Updated: September 10, 201733 views
Published: September 8, 2017Updated: September 10, 2017

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, you can’t ignore the fact that there is something eerie in hearing noises in the dark. They might not mean anything, it might just be the wind playing tricks on us, but then again, we can never be too sure.

It is believed by many that the human soul lurks in the places it is familiar with even after death. Many say that it is all due to the way that person’s life ended and that it needs a certain closure in order to pass on into the land of the dead. It is precisely because of this that we hear stories of sightings of angry apparitions, but are they just stories?

In this video we go over ten of the most haunted places on Earth, starting from the old Changi Hospital in Singapore, housing ghosts of dead WW2 soldiers, similar to Babenhausen, a city in Germany, overflowing with German soldiers and a wicked witch that was burned on the stake. This list goes on to show us a ghost town in Arizona, a castle-like hotel in Alberta, CA, a haunted lighthouse on the shore of Florida, a Scottish alleyway, the abandoned headquarters of the Dutch East Indies Railway Company, a long-retired ship, a temple in Rajasthan and last, but not least, a house in England where two adolescent sisters were attacked by a poltergeist.

If this doesn’t make you doubt the creepy noises in the hallway, then maybe you need to check out this video on five of the most haunted places in America. Sweet dreams!

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