Malaysian Firefighters Had The Fight Of Their Lives As They Tried To Subdue A Giant Crocodile

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Published: September 8, 2017

Firefighters in the town of Limbang in the Malaysian state of Sarawak had quite the work day on September 3, when a shop owner called them to remove a hulk of crocodile that was scaring customers and passersby away. Many of those who found themselves on the scene actually stopped to wonder at the beast, the first ever stranded crocodile in Limbang.

The owner of the video said: My brother called me about a big crocodile in front of his shop. I rushed to the scene and was surprised by the big crocodile with mouth open. Lots of people surrounded to witness the first ever croc in a small town of Limbang. A few people from the Bomba (fire fighters) helped to take down the big croc in less than an hour. At night, I went back to the scene to study how the crocodile come from and found there is a small narrow drain about 250m from Limbang River and it swam in during the high tide followed the flooded drain and crawled up to the shop and get lost of it way back. The big crocodile were taken on the truck and after discussions with forestry department, it was then released back to Ulu Pandaruan river. The boundary of Pandaruan river believed the most populated of crocodile colony."

It seems that Asia is the perfect breeding ground for these massive reptiles to grow even bigger in size! Samutprakan in Thailand is the home of the world’s largest captive crocodile, called Chao Yai. The dude is quite the pet, weighing a whopping 2450 pounds.

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