Mysterious Black Smoke Ring In Sky Spotted Above Disneyland

ViralHog Published September 7, 2017 7,324 Plays $13.69 earned

Rumble An apparent unidentified flying object appears in the sky during this time lapse video featuring a sunset over Berau, Germany. A breathtaking time lapse was being capturing of a sunset when an unexpected visitor decided to stop by and enjoy the beautiful lightning in the skies! What do you think that could be?

There are so many mysteries in the universe that we often look up to the stars wondering what else is out there that we do not know about. One of the biggest questions surrounding the universe is if there is other life out there besides us? There are people that will argue with certainty that there is, while as others would argue the opposite. Whether each side is true is up for debate, but it seems that this clip right here may have just answered that question!

There are a lot of things that we can not explain to ourselves. We are drifting in a space and time that is just not close or developed enough to get to the explanation about exactly how we came to be as species, about us after we cease to exist in this form, about other lives in the universe and on our planet and about the reason why someone would invent such a thing as a fidget spinner. But all joking aside, sometimes we just can’t stop but feel that maybe, just maybe, there is something out there waiting for us to find it. What if all of those unexplained sounds and sightings in nature are just a way of communication, a way of telling us that we shouldn’t give up on our search to find the hidden?

That being said, there are a lot of times when people have taken matters into their own hands and tried to create an alternate truth for us to believe in. How many times have you seen supposed footages of UFOs and aliens when in reality you just know that they are all a scam. Someone’s been having a bit too much fun with their Photoshop abilities, and you know it. But unfortunately, they would make you question your sight.

Could it be a UFO or just smoke from nearby fireworks? Tourists visiting Disneyland from the UK have spotted a very ominous looking black ring cloud in the sky and they can’t stop guessing what ever could it be. The ring can clearly be distinguished from the grey clouds above it, as it is pitch black with a bit of a haze around it and doesn’t seem to be going in any direction. “Nah, I reckon it’s an alien” says the woman recording the phenomenon.

A similar video captured the exact same occurrence from a different angle at Disneyland California. Kyle Hawkins, the person who recorded that video, says: “As I looked closer, the ring has little things swarming around the edges, almost looked like very tiny birds. I had this feeling in the pit of my stomach that I've never experienced before. Almost like we were all about to die or get transported. I literally felt like some sort of alien portal was going to open up through this ring.”

What these people, eager for an explanation, seem to be missing is the fact that Disneyland has a show called World of Color, which ends in a myriad of pyrotechnics. Such black ring of smoke can be made with “a blast through a circular structure — perhaps from a factory smokestack, or a homemade trash-can smoke ring launcher, or a hippie-dippie apparatus specially designed for the job,” according to the NBC, who published an article about similar sightings back in 2015.