Super Strong Biker Shows Off Incredible Strength On Park Bench

Published September 7, 2017 5,812 Plays $10.66 earned

Rumble / Fascinating PeoplePeople think that cyclists are just slender little men with huge thighs from all that biking and nothing more, but we here would beg to differ! Cycling requires balance, which engages every muscle in the entire body, making it a super exercise. This does not count if you cycle at the gym; no balancing there, sorry.

While reading in Trinity Bellwoods Park in Toronto, this woman noticed a biker who stopped and started flipping back and forth on a park bench. At first everyone thought he was just stretching and didn't pay much attention, but what he did next surprised everyone!

Cyclists do more that train their legs, especially when they have a long route ahead of them. Longer rides take a toll on the rider’s back, so a good, strong core is a must, to keep your spine fixed in a neutral position for minimal impact, if at all. This man, who looks like he is well in his late 50s, maybe even early 60s, shows impeccable core and upper body strength, which will make all your naysaying jaws drop in awe!

Just check out how long he keeps himself balanced on one arm, then swings back and forth on the beam! He even manages to hold a human flag position, which require core made of marble, not steel!

If only all of us could age that gracefully...