Kids At The ZOO Learn A Very Important Lesson About Bear Toilet Habits

6 years ago

We haven’t met a kid who doesn’t love going to the ZOO. All those animals, some of them even exotic, are so exciting to see so close and watch them do what they do in their own time.

ZOOs are educational in so many ways; they teach us about the importance of the various species that live on this planet, their role in the ecosystem, how they live, feed and breed their young. Kids always have a blast when they get to experience these animals up close and completely safe, but it seems that one bunch of kids were given a bit more than they bargained for.

One family from Grand Rapids, Michigan, took their kids to see the grizzlies at the ZOO. The bears were living the bear life,lounging in the sun on the rocks and having as snack., Then, one of the big boys decided to come down and greet the spectators at the glass viewing area, which made the kids go nuts! A huge grizzly bear, so close you could touch it, if it weren’t for the couple of inches of glass between you.

Then the bear decided to teach these innocent kids a lesson they will definitely never forget; a lesson in bowel movement. Without a second thought, the bear turns around, flashes his rear end towards the kids and begins releasing the goods. Ew!
Isn’t nature just grand?

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