Naughty Cat Trapped His Buddy Inside An Empty Box

Published September 6, 2017 55,028 Plays $93.75 earned

Rumble / Cats & KittensWe have all seen videos of cats having the time of their lives sliding into closed spaces, from suitcases to small boxes, you name it. What is it with cats and empty boxes?! Watch as this playful kitty tries to keep his buddy closed inside a box!

Footage shows Nelly standing on top of a box, trying to keep Gilbert inside it. These two cats are having the time of their lives, playing with these boxes, however, when Gilbert was trying to get out, Nelly made it almost impossible for that to happen when he decided to stand on top of the playing box, and not allow his buddy to get out!

Footage shows one cat standing on top of a cardboard box. Moments later, we see another cat’s head popping out of the box, struggling to get out! It is then that we realize that the poor feline is actually trapped inside the box by his naughty cat friend! It is hilarious how one of the cats is desperately trying to get out of the box, while the cat standing on top of the box is using its paws to smack cat’s head back into the box! Sibling rivalry we assume?

Why do cats love empty boxes so much? Either way the result is adorable! Looks like curiosity got the best of this cat! Watch as Gilbert ends up getting caught inside a carton box, while his buddy is being a complete jerk and is making his life impossible. He is standing on top of the box, leaving no room for Gilbert to come out! This video is a real proof that cats can be jerks sometimes! No worries though, he managed to get out eventually!


  • Missenell, 2 years ago

    😂... That is so funny.. Reminds me of Game of Thrones with Cercei..

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