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1 month ago

From elongated sculls to a Nazca mummies update.
Here are the latest anatomical/ blood-type/ DNA results which I was able to find on the elongated sculls which can be found in Peru and along the coast of the black sea/ Ukraine area, further proving that other/ hybrid species of humans were living next to us thousands of years ago and that the human origin/ migration story has to be completely rewritten. [Ref: Deep Space S03e07 - Mysterious Elongated Skulls of Peru / https://youtu.be/1HE6DYpBLSg / https://youtu.be/56TrKNDHVU8 /
https://youtu.be/Y6LYXN7GG3M ]
As at a timing of 1h 10min 56sec biologist/ author and elongated scull researcher Brien Foerster proclaims that the remains of the Nazca mummy called “Maria” were proven to be a fabrication, I felt obliged to look into this issue here further, as this conflicts with my previous research on the Nazca mummies which can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/peter.tackaert/videos/312326344310338 / https://www.facebook.com/peter.tackaert/videos/667863604308837 .
This is why at a timing of 1h 14min 27sec the video switches over towards my new Nazca mummies investigation/ findings. After having looked through the latest videos/ information published on the Nazca mummies currently, it has become obvious to me that there is a clear divide in the information being presented towards the general public now. While the official governmental institutions have kept to their claim that Maria is a fake, the actual scientists who did the hands on research -including the all revealing MRI scans and DNA research- are convinced (and therefore are still trying to prove) that Maria is 100% real. But for me the real point to make here is that even if we were to take the official governmental institutions word on all of this, then there still remains all of the scientific research/ data on the reptile-like humanoids called "Josefina" and “Alberto” and related remains which nobody seems to dispute so far… and as a result which nobody seems to be willing to talk about… which says it all in my opinion! [Ref: https://youtu.be/znzUsJ3dzEo / https://youtu.be/G47wYewCUNM / https://youtu.be/glHrB759Bck / https://youtu.be/ThJxfUEwZ4M / https://youtu.be/NFc-WJ2ZIDU // https://www.the-alien-project.com/ ]
And this now brings me to my own follow-up question; if these creatures were real and living here only 1000+ years ago, then surely we must be able to find some evidence that they are still here today. And this brings me to my next video which in my opinion proves the existence of current-day living "Josefina" and “Alberto” beings which were seen in an alleged 1996 Brazilian UFO crash… Stay tuned!

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