Hamas launches 5,000 missles and invade into Israel on anniversary of 1973 Yom Kippur 50 years ago!

8 months ago

Middle East Update: 10/7/2023

Hamas attack on Israel comes on 50th anniversary of 1973 war.

"Israel will win this war," Israeli defense minister says.

Israel launches operation "Swords of Iron" following Hamas attacks.

Israel 'facing a very difficult moment', President Isaac Herzog says.

Israel Defense Forces mobilizing soldiers, declares 'state of war alert'.

Infiltrators enter Kibbutz Beeri, Netiv HaAsara, Israeli TV reports.

Hamas announces 'Al-Aqsa Storm,’ claims to have fired 5,000 rockets.
God bless.

Time is short.

Repent and get right with Jesus.

Jesus is the only open door to the creator.

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