Horse Enthusiastically Nods To Answer Questions

Published September 5, 2017 5,769 Views $6.57 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsHorses are known to be intelligent creatures, although some are undoubtedly more intelligent than others. Horses have the ability to learn but also the ability to work things out for themselves such as opening stable bolts, freeing themselves from accidents in the field, etc. They can be taught to recognize short words and their meaning but the tone in which commands are given is also important and should remain consistent with the associated word.

Boogie seems to be one such intelligent horse and really loves interacting with his people. Through his constant communication with his owners, Boogie managed to pick up a gesture that we humans do every day. So when it comes to his favorite snack, Boogie knows exactly how to tell his owners that he wants some.

When his owner asks him if he wants more carrots, the horse enthusiastically nods his head in anticipation. And why wouldn’t he, carrots are awesome! They are healthy, give you an awesome crunch and that makes them the best snack EVER!

Each time Boogie gets asked if he wants another carrot, his nod gets more and more excited.

A research has been published online from two Japanese scientists about the way horses respond to their human companions and the results are impressive. The horses they tested used visual and tactile signals to communicate what they want with the human.

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