Pooch Holds The Rope With The Help Of His Owner, So His Brother Can Learn To Jump

KerouNatyPublished: September 5, 2017Updated: September 8, 20172,866 views
Published: September 5, 2017Updated: September 8, 2017

Remember the good old days, when computers and smartphones were stuff of science fiction novels, and the only thing we had to entertain ourselves was the great outdoors and the few simple devices that made the days pass so quick, we didn’t even feel them? One of said “devices” was the almighty rope, a toy that needed no batteries and no charging, yet it could go on for days. Remember the rhyme?

“Down the Mississippi
Where the steamboats go,
Some go fast.
Some go slow.”

It seems these dogs know very well how good an activity rope jumping can be. Looks innocent enough, but at the end, you feel as tired as if you ran around the block a couple hundred times. All that is left to do if to teach your dogs to remember the cue when to jump.

It is so adorable to see the two dogs learning to jump rope with their owner. They look like they have a lot more to go, but hey, everyone has to start somewhere. The fawn colored German Shepherd looks mighty patient, as his black brother learn to recognize the cues.

These two Border Collies seems to love learning this new trick too. Hero, a 5-year-old learns the cues when jumping, with his owner Sara and rescue Collie Ms. Marvel holding the rope. We can’t decide who looks more adorable!

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