Inside London’s Wackiest Arcade | STORE CRAZY

Published September 5, 2017 12 Plays

Rumble Hidden in the backstreets of central London is a tongue-in-cheek arcade poking fun at modern society. Novelty Automation in Holborn, London is the brainchild of eccentric inventor and engineer Tim Hunkin. He was trained as an engineer but started building his arcade machines as a way of poking fun at power and authority.

Tim says: “I enjoyed the course but one thing I knew when I came out of it was that I didn’t want to work in an office.”

You won’t find no Pac Man or PinBall machine in this arcade. But if you want to see what it feels like to win a Nobel Prize or to experience a divorce, then this is the place for you! Some of the other machines include My Nuke; Personal Nuclear Reactor, Money Laundering, Autofrisk, Alien Probe, Microbreak, Pet or Meat, and Celeb! - where the player must fly as a paparazzi drone to photograph celebrities.

Tim starts by building prototypes; he says that the most fun about building these machines is that he loves being in his workshop and “thinking” with his hands. His latest creation is called iZombie, which in turn pokes fun at the generation addicted to their smart phones. The goal of the game is to avoid oncoming zombies, as they are engrossed in their smart devices.

That is one man who managed to make his job fun!

Video Credits:
Videographer / director: Marcus Cooper
Producer: Shannon Lane, Ed Baranski
Editor: Dan Cousins