Fearless cat pushes head into beagle's food bowl

Published September 4, 2017 1,552 Plays $3.92 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsBuddha is a very timid beagle but he loves his food. He also loves Mitzy's food and he has been caught sneaking through the cat door in the basement to gobble it up when she is not looking. Mitzy has learned that she can get away with pushing her head into Buddha's bowl to eat his food. Although he eats faster and tries hard to keep her head out, he isn't brave enough to stand up to her. It becomes a race to eat the kibble before she does and she does all she can to get her share.

Mitzy has mixed feelings about Buddha and she usually swats him to remind him that she's the boss. But as she shares his dinner, she seems to be feeling affectionate and she actually licks his head a few times.

Then she scoops some food out of the bowl with her paw. When the kibble is gone, she loses interest and off she goes.

It seems like a fair trade in the long run and neither one seems to be starving.


  • killerbean56, 2 years ago

    They love each other! The kitty give Buddha kisses afterwards, >3

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