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Dr. Eric Nepute Wins Case Against FTC & DOJ After 3 years of Abusive Government Tyranny

"At one point the weaponized FTC and DOJ were going after me for 500 Billion Dollars! " Dr. Eric Nepute

After almost 3 years of constant pressure and persecution from the FTC and DOJ, Dr. Eric Nepute prevailed in his war with those weaponized government agencies, who, at one point, attempted to sue him for over $500 Billion dollars.


The federal government falsely accused Dr. Nepute of violating the Covid Consumer Protection Act. This act was signed into legislation in December 2020. As of April 2023, this act is no longer in existence.

At the beginning of the Covid hysteria, Dr. Nepute was one of the first doctors to recognize the true disinformation and misinformation campaign coming from the media and government surrounding COVID-19. Dr. Nepute's heart and mind were set on giving people solid health advice and care and lessening the panic. On a fateful Facebook post he recommended that people could boost their immune systems and help themselves by taking Vitamin D, a proven winner historically in healthcare. His post went viral and was viewed by over 50 million people. This was at the exact same moment that Dr. Anthony Fauci was ratcheting up the fear and panic on every mainstream media network. The government could not allow an alternative solution or narrative, and immediately sought to silence Dr. Eric Nepute's voice in various ways.


The FTC charged Dr. Eric Nepute, the first person ever to be charged, with 10 counts in federal court for violating the Covid Consumer Protection Act.

Then the media did its part by shaming and slandering this well-known, highly respected, and incredibly successful Doctor by calling him a "snake oil salesman" in print both in Dr. Nepute's hometown in Missouri, and nationally; FTC charges St. Louis chiropractor with making fake COVID claims |

They government/media got their new weapon to work, the factcheckers.
Chiropractor Again Peddles False, Misleading COVID-19 Claims -

His reputation immediately became radioactive. National media outlets like NewsmaxTV refused to interview him. No mainstream media outlet would allow him to tell his story. He was censored on every media platform, like so many other doctors who also then started standing up. We now know that certain government entities told Facebook to censor accounts and Dr. Eric Nepute was the first person to get hammered by the censorship police which shut down all of his social media platforms. He had a large following reaching 10 to 15 million people weekly.

But that wasn't the end. Dr. Eric Nepute then also became one of the first Americans to be "debanked" because of government interference. Five of his banks shut down his accounts because of the government. As a healthcare provider he was removed from insurance contracts of all major healthcare providers, rendering his patients unable to use their health insurance in his medical practices. The government tried to bankrupt him by cutting down 90% of his business income, so that he could not afford his legal fees. A common tactic of the government.

Remember, this is an American citizen with no criminal background. A highly productive, patriotic, member of society that helps people's healthcare needs quite successfully.


Why did all of this happen? Look no further than the head of the FTC, Lina Khan. Described by those who have worked for her as tyrannical and self-serving, Khan is the FTC Chairwoman appointed by President Biden.

This isn't just the opinion of Dr. Eric Nepute. Two of the five commissioners of the federal trade commission have resigned and have written letters to President Biden explaining that Chairwoman Lina M. Khan and the FTC are using tyrannical tactics and exerting their personal political views and offices of power to silence and suppress average American citizens. Former FTC Commissioner Christine Wilson penned an op-ed in the Wallstreet Journal saying, "Khan has no regard for the rule of law or due process."

Read Here: Why I’m Resigning as an FTC Commissioner - WSJ
Resignation of Republican FTC Commissioner Christine Wilson says FTC's Khan has no regard for rule of law or due process | Watch (

There are numerous articles complaining about the lawlessness happening at the FTC under Khan.
The FTC Acts as Both Prosecutor and Jury - WSJ
FTC chair Khan accused of 'abuse of power' in new US House probe | Reuters
Lina Khan: The most feared person in Silicon Valley is a 34-year-old in DC| Yahoo Finance
Opinion | The FTC Is Working With the EU to Hamstring U.S. Companies | WSJ

But by no means is the FTC the only out of control weaponized government agency. In fact, the DOJ in 2020 created a press release that they distributed worldwide slandering Dr. Eric Nepute.

And Dr. Eric Nepute is not the only Conservative American that's been targeted by the politicized and weaponized DOJ.

Here's a Top 10 List of the DOJ's Worst Abuses

1. Labeling moms and dad domestic terrorists were going to school board meetings. Let's not forget Sherona Bishop, the Colorado Mom who protested woke policies in her children's schools, and fought for election integrity, only to find the FBI and DOJ knocking her door in like you would a terrorist.

2. Covering up the Hunter, Biden laptop.

3. 50+ former intelligent agents, Officer saying the Hunter, Biden laptop is Russian disinformation.

4. The DOJ wrongful prosecution of peaceful protesters at January 6 versus black life matters riots.

5. DOJ indicted President Trump three times and completely lets the Biden crime family scot-free.

6. Garland Appoints Corrupt Special Counsel To Stonewall Congress, Protect Joe Biden.

7. FBI whistleblower confirms AG Merrick Garland committed perjury in front of Congress

8. The Justice Department’s deceitfulness regarding Hunter Biden’s sweetheart plea deal gets more audacious by the day, until it was stopped.

9. DOJ triggers outrage after scrubbing website’s child sex trafficking info at the height of Sound of Freedom exposes child sex abuse.

10.Biden’s Justice Department is burying its big FBI corruption scandal


With no way to reach his followers, and attacks coming from every direction, Dr. Eric Nepute did what he does best. He relied on God. Leaving everything at Jesus' feet, this son of a Missouri Pig Farmer, kept his smile on his face and continued his mission of telling the truth about how to improve your health. He became a regular speaker on The ReAwaken Tour taking the stage with nationally known spokespeople like Eric Trump, Kash Patel, General Michael Flynn, RFK Jr., and more reaching millions at every tour stop for 2+ years.

Dr. Eric Nepute never gave up or gave in. He spent over $5 million in legal fees defending himself against the government over the past three years.

As a result of his tenacity, he was vindicated by the Missouri State Attorney General’s office. He has been vindicated by his professional licensing boards, winning all 5 challenges. In the motion of summary judgment, the federal judge in his case ruled zero liability for Dr. Nepute. Several United States Congressmen have written letters on the behalf of Dr. Nepute decrying the tyrannical abuse of power from the DOJ and FTC.


Dr. Nepute is excited about this victory and is in the process of writing a book and doing a documentary to tell the world what it is like to be David in a real-life David and Goliath story.

Settlement Details
◦ Dr. Eric Nepute has zero liability for any allegations brought against him by the federal government.

◦ Complete exoneration of his name.

◦ A letter stating that there are no current investigations by DOJ, FTC, or any other government agencies re: Dr. Eric Nepute.

◦ Protective liability regarding the future litigation around this case surrounding COVID-19.

◦ Dr. Nepute is under no gag order and has complete freedom to discuss anything and everything about this case. Dr. Nepute is now on a mission to tell the world the story of what happens when doctors stand up against a tyrannical government.

The Federal Government gave Dr. Eric Nepute 3 choices

Option 1 - He could continue to take his case to trial. With recent ruling by the judge in this case, the DOJ knew that their chances of winning were very minimal. The DOJ would appeal, and potentially tie Dr. Nepute up in court for the next 2 to 3 yrs. and continue to cost him millions of dollars in legal fees.

Option 2 - Dr. Nepute could’ve taken a potential monetary settlement offer with a gag order attached, which would limit his ability to speak about what had happened to him and anything in the health and wellness space moving forward.

Option 3 - Dr. Nepute could have freedom, no liability, no trial, and no monetary award from the government.

The choice was really simple for Dr. Nepute. If he had to choose between Freedom /Clearing his name -vs- fighting for settlement money and a Gag order, then the choice was easy. Dr. Nepute chose freedom.

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