Top 11 Dirty Jokes in The Loud House Cartoons (FINALLY!)

Published September 2, 2017 0 Plays

Rumble / Entertainment LifeYou guys didn't think we've been ignoring you this whole time, did you? From the very beginning you've been requesting a Loud House dirty jokes video, and because you've been so amazing with helping us reach 100k subscribers, we wanted to give you Loud House as a special thank you. But that's not all! Thanks to the awesome people at Love Tribe Apparel (, we've also got a cool giveaway for our viewers. T-Shirt time! Now you can show your dirty cartoon joke love with a week Nicktoons shirt! Here's how to win: 1) Subscribe to Obsev Entertainment, like this video, and leave a comment. 2) Tell us what your favorite Nickelodeon show was growing up. It's that easy! Once we select a winner, we'll announce it in a pinned comment, so keep an eye out for the announcement next week. We'll DM you for your info and you'll be the proud owner of a spiffy new Nick shirt in no time! Now on to the jokes! #11 - 00:52 - Clyde's buns #10 - 01:36 - Uranus #9 - 01:56 - Mrs. Johnson is an undercover freak #8 - 02:25 - Freaky frogs #7 - 02:42 - Lincoln has no balls #6 - 03:24 - Dirty dog love #5 - 03:56 - Lincoln the bastard child #4 - 04:51 - Naked pool love #3 - 05:08 - Lynn kicks a** #2 - 05:24 - Hidden bathroom cam #1 - 06:02 - Clyde's nosebleed for Lori