Mission Evolution with Gwilda Wiyaka Interviews - STEVE GIBLIN - Personal Transformation

8 months ago

Steve Giblin is retired Navy SEAL Master Chief. He joined the service in 1981.
After a one year tour on the carrier USS Ranger Steve was granted orders to BUD/S, Basic Underwater Demolition / SEAL Training where he learned the basics of being a Frogman, aka SEAL. Steve then spent the next 26 years in the SEAL Teams bouncing around the globe conducting special operations, training with foreign partner special operations units and contingency operations. He operated mini-wet-submersibles from submarines and surface ships, conducted more than 1,200 military parachute drops, blew things up and was a member of SEAL Team Six for 14 years. He was a Command Master Chief at two Naval Special Warfare commands then rounded out his career where he started, BUD/S as a phase Master Chief and Operations Master Chief before retiring in 2009.

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