ISIS Funneling Money Through E-commerce

OpsLensNewsChannelPublished: August 31, 2017Updated: September 1, 2017
Published: August 31, 2017Updated: September 1, 2017

Operatives working for the self-proclaimed Islamic State allegedly used fake eBay transactions to move their money, according to a recently unsealed FBI affidavit first reported on by The Wall Street Journal. Investigators said the culprit identified was to use the money for "operational purposes" such as a terror attack. Some of the cash was spent on a laptop, a cellphone, and software to set up a virtual private network that can mask a user's internet usage, which the FBI believed was so he could communicate with ISIS operatives overseas and launder and funnel money throughout the world, the Journal reported. A troubling development and the latest example of the group's use of technology to further its expansion. One that relies highly on its ability to move and acquire cash.

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