These Are The 10 Suspected Alien Hideouts

alltime10sPublished: August 31, 201718 views
Published: August 31, 2017

The oceans have always been an unending source of intrigue and mystery - and if rumours are to be believed, it’s depths might just yield horrors beyond our world. Case in point: since 1991 scientists have detected a mysterious hum emanating from what appears to be these coordinates (54°S 140°W), AKA the center of the South Pacific. For decades, the sound was baffling and has inspired frequent scientific debates, with researchers suggesting everything from whale song to geological phenomena.

According to ufologists, the murmur could only be coming from technological sources, and not our own, because of the hum’s supposedly similar rhythm and frequency to that emitted by the comet 67P, which some Alien hunters are convinced is a craft.

The prevailing ufology theory is that the sound is a kind of Alien GPS, from extraterrestrials giving the green light, to their otherworldly compatriots for visiting, or perhaps worse. But a 2016 study appears to have settled the matter in the eyes of conventional science.

It suggests the phenomenon comes from large swathes of sea-bed animals rising to higher waters to feed, ejecting air from their swim bladders. Unsurprisingly, the UFO community is unsatisfied with this so-called “fish farting” explanation, claiming the amusing but ultimately banal theory is just a cover story.

Check out the rest of the video to see which are our other 9 theories for suspected Alien hideouts.

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