Toad Decides To Go Sightseeing, Takes A Turtle Taxi

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Published: August 31, 2017

This little froggie looks like he is about to become the Travis Kalanick of the pond. Whether it is from sheer sloth or actual entrepreneurial drives, this toad found the best way to get around the pond, without actually minding the traffic, not that there is any.

This family keeps their froggy and turtle in the same pond. Both are aquatic animals and that means they manage just fine in the shallow water in the pond. One might think that the frog can go way faster from one end of the pool to the other, but it seems he really wanted to see the sights, instead of taking care of safety on the road.

So, what do you do when you want to cross a distance and see the sights? You take turtle taxi! The Japanese have a fabulous business out of people who are not in the rush to get anywhere. In the west, we have Uber and Lyft because we really need to be somewhere in less than 15 minutes, but in Japan you actually order a cab that will drive as slowly and as gently as possible.

The frog knows there is an untapped market for this kind of transportation, so he hops on the turtle and holds on tight. At first, the turtle seems like he hates the “passenger” and tries to shake him off. When it realizes that the “freeloader” won’t budge, the turtle takes him for a ride half way around the pond, making sure to hit every speed bump along.

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