Out Of Control Camper Wrecks Off Desert Road

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Published: August 31, 2017

No matter how gruesome looking, the Internet will never have its fill of clip showing terrible accidents that miraculously end up without casualties. It is like those drivers have a guardian angel with nerves of steel that is keeping them out of harm’s way.

Once such clip that is making repeated round online, shot in late August this year, shows a camper driving along a winding desert road somewhere in Washington, USA. The truck that is pulling the camper is overtaking the semi truck whose dash cam footage we are currently watching. As the camper pases the semi, it suddenly loses control of the road, as if a tire had exploded, and starts to rock left and right, while the driver attempts to steady the vehicle.

Suddenly, the camper flips slightly to the left and the driver attempts to steady it further, but the imbalance carries the towed vehicle into the side of the road, causing it to flip completely and disappear into a cloud of dirt and dust. The slowed part of the footage shows that the car didn’t get to flip over, only the camper.

The driver of the semi said: "Camper rolled over in front of me on Interstate 82 in Washington State. It's suspected that speed and improper loading of the RV made it sway heavily causing the accident. The dad and his kids were fortunately alright."

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