Ann Marie's All Stars: Ms. Vicki Tucker

WXYZPublished: August 31, 2017
Published: August 31, 2017

For kids, the really early years are so important and parents say one teacher at Northville First Care has a special way with 2-year-olds. There’s a long wait list to get kids into Ms. Vicki Tucker’s class, after decades of teaching parents say she’s found a perfect way to break through those terrible two’s. “She’s so amazing and compassionate and kind, I couldn’t be more happy that she’s receiving this award, she’s a really great role model,” teacher Emily Martin said. Ms. Vicki is a longtime staple at Northville First Care. “Preschool teachers are the true foundation of children, they teach them their manners, they teach them their respect for others,” parent Jenna Gillette said.

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