Dozens Of People Tow Their Boats To The Flooded Texas Areas To Help

ViralHogPublished: August 30, 201721 views
Published: August 30, 2017

Private boat owners from Texas' surrounding areas can be seen on this clip towing their boats to the flooded zones impacted by Hurricane Harvey. The Cajun Navy, as the media is calling them, will be helping first responders to rescue scores of people that have been affected by the tropical storm.

The informal group of good Samaritans and their small watercrafts was formed 12 years ago after Katrina devastated New Orleans and saved thousands of people, stranded outside their homes. Everyone that is willing to help is welcome to join them.

This natural event is unprecedented and its effects are completely unknown, but everyone that is in the vicinity of the flooded areas but is not affected by the storm is mobilizing with their vessel to help.

Guys with hunting boats, shallow draft duck hunting boats with mud motors, airboats, pirogues, kayaks - everyone that has a vessel that can float on water and hold people can be seen towing it towards Texas. Despite Louisiana’s effort to require training and permit fees for boat owners, no one has taken an actual census of the group.

Lately, the ragtag group has taken to communicating via the smartphone app Zello, a kind of digital citizens’ band (CB) radio.

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