Silly Raccoon Repeatedly Gets Stuck In The Trash Bin!

dmitrybombstickyPublished: August 30, 20171,848 views
Published: August 30, 2017

It is certainly the human thing to do to help others when their struggling. In this video we have the perfect situation in which a human, this guy for a instance, goes out of his way to help out this struggling raccoon. It is really important for us to know and remember that animals can always use our help due to the fact that food is extremely difficult to find when animals are looking for it out in the wild. Their travels sometimes last up for weeks through which period they have to run hungry till they stumble upon food.

In this specific situation this raccoon has managed to find out where humans throw away their unwanted leftovers and is obviously stoked that he has even chose to disregard the humans existence and focus all his energy toward the discover of food.

Although, after entering one of the huge trash bins he has found himself to be stuck and is in need of help. This is where the human steps in and helps him out by providing him with a stick which he can use to get himself unstuck, nit only once, buy twice.

This wild raccoon youngster needs rescuing approximately 5 times a week. He is adorable and playful, which is probably what gets him in trouble every time!

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