Healthy Living: Alternative Health Solutions and their Impact on your Spiritual Nature

5 months ago

Interviewed September 12, 2018


We each need to take control of our health by making our own medical decisions with the input from practitioners who share our viewpoint, all the while researching those things needed to maintain a sound and healthy body––which is the foundation of intelligent thinking, emotional well-being, and ultimately, spiritual growth. A healthy lifestyle facilitates an upreach toward God consciousness and responds more easily to spiritual guidance. This short book includes my experience of departing from total reliance on conventional medicine and embracing alternative healthcare.

I was asked the question, "What is the spiritual nature?" There was hardly enough time to answer , but later I sent this explanation:

Spirit is not merely a concept; it is an actual substance. A person who has developed their spiritual nature emanates energy similar to a magnet that has a force field. That’s why if you are sensitive enough you can feelingly discern the spiritual nature of a sufficiently developed soul.
How do you acquire a spiritual nature? Think of the physical body, how it begins as a single cell (zygote), and in time evolves into a full human being. Somewhat like that single biological cell God endows each of us with an embryonic soul, the place of our spiritual nature.

Our soul grows each time a moral choice between right and wrong is made, each time we choose to do the will of the heavenly Father rather than our human will, each time we lovingly serve and fulfill the needs of others. It is up to us to make those choices that allow the indwelling Spirit of the Father to grow our soul and develop our spiritual nature.

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