Houston Couple Save Dog From Flooded Street During Hurricane Harvey

ViralHog Published August 29, 2017 3,220 Plays $6.56 earned

Rumble For the residents of the area in and surrounding Houston, Texas, Hurricane Harvey meant abandoning their homes and leaving years of belonging and precious things behind. Still, some weren’t lucky enough to flee before the storm hit, as the rising waters made leaving extremely difficult.

Still, amidst the chaos that ensued on the streets of the Texas metropolis, those few who were forced to stay did everything they could to help those who were even less fortunate than they are.

Daniel and Sandra Grumbacher looked out their window to see how terrible the flooding in their Houston neighborhood had become due to Hurricane Harvey. According to Daniel, the massive storm dropped two to three inches of water per hour in their area. But then something caught their eye. Across the street, a scared dog was trapped by the water, completely alone and at a loss for what to do other then walk across a stack of sand bags.

Daniel knew he had to act. He braved the rising waters to rescue the dog, walking through the thigh-high floodwater to reach the poor scared pooch. At first, the dog doesn’t trust the man and keeps running back and forth across its own front yard. Eventually, the elderly gentleman managed to gain the dog’s trust, put a leash on its collar and drag him back to his house, where he and his wife cared for for him for three days until the owner returned.